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Numb3rs Het/Slash Crossover Challenge

The Hardest Numb3rs Het and/or Slash Fiction Challenge EVER!

Numb3rs Crossovers and Fusions
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Crossovers and Fusion stories for Numb3rs fans
Summer Blockbuster Crossover Challenge:

Between August 1, 2011 and September 30, 2011 I want you (yes, you) to cross our Numb3rs gang with your favorite movie character(s). (The movie can be based on other media, such as novels, comic books, theme park rides or even other television series, but you have to use the movie version.) ((I’m thinking movies in theaters, but made for TV movies will be accepted.))

I think that rules make the challenge more interesting and help get the creative juices flowing. I’ll try to keep them semi-reasonable.

  1. All stories must be complete. No WIP.
  2. All stories must be posted within the stated time periods to qualify for “liking.”
  3. Missing the deadline will make me cry.
  4. The story OR a link to the story must be posted in this journal. (Yes, this turns out to be a necessary rule.)
  5. IF it’s posted here, please use lj-cuts.
  6. Wordage: 400 to 4,444 (Yes, 4,444 is the cut off.) ((Remember, I only said semi-reasonable.))
  7. Chapters are fine. Either post the chapters here or link to them through chapter one.
  8. You must write at least one crossover romance.
  9. No overt incest, please.
  10. There's no rule ten.

Links to fiction you might be interested in:
Math and Crime Fighting
Gen Crossovers

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